EMX 65/85 South West Zone and Open at Orehova Vas (Slovenia) – Day 2

The track of Orehova Vas, in Slovenia, hosted the Day 2 of EMX 65/85 South West Zone and the Open European Championship. The races were held in beautiful sunny day, with 29°C.
EMX 65
No big changes in the general standings after the first heat. The championship leader Antonio Gallego from Spain was the winner before Ferruccio Zanchi, winner of the qualifying race yesterday. Third position for Patrick Busatto, from Italy, too.
The second heat holeshot is for Rispoli. After one lap he was passed by Zanchi and by local hero Jaka Peklaj. Both maintained their positions up to the chequered flag and finished the race in front of Gallego, 3rd before Perez.
The overall winner is Zanchi before Gallego and Perez.
Spanish Gallego is the winner of the SW Zone European Championship in front of Italian Zanchi and of Spanish Perez.

EMX 85
In Race1 British poleman Eddie Wade led from the second lap and at his back there was a close fight  – the championship leader Braceras was coming through the pack but his motorcycle had a technical failure and  the second position went to Congost before Russi and Miot.
In Race2 Eddie Wade managed to win again: the British rider, who lives in Spain, finished the race before Braceras and Razzini.
In the overall standing Wade is the winner before Congost and Razzini.
In the South West Championship the final winner is Spanish David Braceras before Eddie Wade, second for 9 points. Third place for Italian Pietro Razzini, 1 point ahead of the French Miot who had a technical failure in the second heat.

In race1 start to finish leadership for local hero Peter Irt. Behind him four riders were fighting for the second place. After technical problems for Asmanov, Bartos ended second. He passed Jernej Irt in the last lap. Molnar finished 5th.
The second heat holeshot went to Peter Irt. In the first 15 minutes there were many changes in the top 5 positions and Jerney Irt passed to lead the pack before Peter Irt, Diese Bartos, and Ukrainian riders Tarasov and Asmanov: the latter at the end managed to finish the race in 4th place.
The overall winner is Peter Irt before his lookalike brother Jernej with Czech Petr Bartos in third position.
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