Cross Country

Cross Country Cup: the first round in Finland

Cross Country Cup: the first round in Finland

Last weekend riders from six countries (Sweden, Finland, Chech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia) came to Lahti, Finland, for the first round of the Cross Country Cup
The track was located in Vesivehmaa Airport and was made of two different routes: one for Quad and one for motorbikes participants.
The race day started with the Quad competition. Valtteri Vainionpaa from Finland finished first in front of the Estonians Viinapuu Raido and Vanker Tamur.
Unfortunately, motorbikes race was with just one lap because of the race had to be interrupted as rider Antti Pendikainen lost the control of his bike and died at the accident site.

The final classification:

1. Adan Andersson (SWE)
2. Pyry Juupaluoma (FIN)
3. Eetu Kaapeli (FIN)

1. Joakim Ljunggren (SWE)
2. Rikard Hansson (SWE)
3. Roni Salin (FIN)

1. Mika Karma (FIN)
2. Antti Mankinen (FIN)
3. Ricky Ivarsson (SWE)

1. Sanna Karkkainen (FIN)
2. Marita Nyqvist (FIN)
3. Janette Mielonen (FIN)