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Cross Country European Cup

Cross Country European Cup:
Finlad round crowns Cup Winners

Second and final round for the Cross Country European Cup near Lathi, Finland, with the crown of the Cup winners.

A route of 17 km (9 km for Quad) with a typical Finnish ground waited the riders: sand, gravel and stones etc. For quads the track was 9 km long.

The races took place in good weather conditions with just a couple small rain showers.

In Quad 2×4 class the winner was the Lithuanian Gediminas Volkavicius, who is also the Cup Winner ahead of his county man Renatas Jegorovas.

Quad 4×4 class was a real show of Hegri Sutt from Estonia, who is the new European Cup Winner with maximum points.

In the Woman Category the winner was Janette Mielonen from Finland, while the Title went to Milda Veverske from Lithuania. This 2,5 hours in Finnish forest was quite hard to Milda, but she got enough points to get the title.

In Junior Class the race winner was Juho Ahokas from Finland, while Lithuanian Džiugas Kazakevicius got the Title.

With maximum points Mika Karma from Finland is the new Senior Cup Winner. Top Lithuanian senior riders did not join this last race, leaving Karma win easy.

In open class there was the fastest on track: former Enduro World Champion rider Eero Remes won the race, finishing second in the Cup. The Title went to the LIthuanin Nerimantas Jucius.

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