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FIM Europe Mini Road Racing Championship 2018

The FIM Europe Road Racing Commission has established a Working Group (WG MRR) with the purpose of developing the European Championship series for Mini Road Racing and to promote Mini Road Racing in general in Europe. The purpose is to improve the quality of the Championship events and increase the number of participants. At the same time this will establish a strong foundation for the pyramid work on which the development of new talents for Road Racing sport is based. Part of the programme would also be to exchange ideas and best practices for the development of junior riders between the European FMNs.

At a recent meeting with the FIM Europe CCR the Working Group proposed to organise one event in 2018. As a supplement to this, riders will be invited to participate in National Championship series in Mini Road Racing outside their own country.
The sporting rules, technical rules and standards for homologation of tracks for Mini Road Racing are based on permanent track suited for Mini Road Racing according to national rules approved by FIM Europe.
The series will cover Mini Moto with 5 classes, Mini GP with 1 class and Honda NSF100 as well as the Ohvale 110, 160 and 190.
The event is planned for the weekend of 3 – 5 August 2018.
The Working Group MRR hereby invites the FMNs under FIM E to apply for the event in 2018.
Please submit the application for the event to the FIM Europe office in Rome no later than 31st December 2017.
The applications will be considered during January and February 2018. By 28th February the chosen organiser will be announced.
If any changes have to be made to the track, these have to be finalised by 31st May, at which time final track homologation will take place.
The members of the Working Group to be contacted for further information are:
•Barry Veneman, KNMV
•Cristian Farinelli, FMI
•Jesper Holm, DMU



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