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Youthstream and FIM Europe Support IRP at Bal de Printemps

The prestigious ‘Bal de Printemps’ event was held on 21st of March in Geneva, Switzerland where both Youthstream Group and FIM Europe took part. Organized by IRP (International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia), the glamorous evening is an annual event to collect funds for the research of Paraplegia. Youthstream has partnered with IRP since 2016 and continue to help raise funds for their important work.

Group PhotoAbove, from left, Wolfgang Srb, Philippe Boissonnas, Giuseppe Luongo and David Luongo. Below, David Luongo presenting the cheque on behalf of Youthstream to Philippe Boissonnas – General Secretary of IRP, International Foundation for Research in ParaplegiaThe mission of IRP is to provide funds for basic and clinical research in the field of paraplegia in order to contribute to improve the lives of people affected by injuries to the spinal cord.
IRP organizes numerous activities and projects throughout the year aimed at:
• Raising funds for financing projects in the field of paraplegia;
• Identifying the most promising research teams and projects, both in Switzerland and abroad;
• Encouraging young scientists to focus their work on research into paraplegia;
• Promoting the exchange of information and cooperation between researchers in Switzerland and abroad;
• Increasing public awareness of the progress of research and its applications;
• Working with other institutions, especially universities, pursuing the same goals
• Providing support for other activities related to paraplegia, which are otherwise neglected.
Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream, said, ‘IRP’s work is impressive and already the scientists are making encouraging steps forward.  I invite everybody to visit IRP’s web-site ( to see what they do more in detail.  Youthstream is very sensitive to these important researches which IRP is doing and we will do our best to continue to support them.  We are very proud to be a partner of this active foundation and we are also proud to be partners with Wings for Life and Road 2 Recovery.’
Wolfgang Srb, President of FIM Europe, stated: “This is a most important initiative which deserves our full attention and permanent support. A lot has already been achieved; however, there is still so much more work to be done. Research is going on and one day the dream will come true: to stand up and walk again.”
Youthstream and the FIM Europe recognize the importance and value of such research along with the success of the related foundations and gladly continue their support.

IMG_5922Above, from left, Wolfgang Srb, Marc Ristori and Giuseppe Luongo. 
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