Supermoto S2 European Championship at Poznan (Poland) Day 2

S2 podium 2In cloudy and later sunny warm conditions Milan Sitniansky took his first win of the season in the S2 European championship.

After the rain in the morning the first race of the day in the S2 class started under cloudy weather conditions. The organisation did a great job and prepared the off-road section so that it could be used for the race. When the light dropped it was TMS Honda rider Milan Sitniansky who took the holeshot, before Union Bike TM rider Giovanni Bussei who was back after his injury. Behind Bussei it was TM Factory Racing rider Diego Monticelli who took third place before current European championship leader Petr Vorlicek. Gazza Racing rider Luca Ciaglia completed the top five. The speed in the beginning of the race from Milan Sitniansky was very good and the Czech rider soon managed to get away from his opponents. In lap three disaster struck for Diego Monticelli as he had to retire from the race with a broken suspension. As Monticelli had to retire, Suzuki Grau rider Petr Vorlicek took over third place just before Luca Ciaglia and Belgium KTM MTR rider Romain Kaivers. In front of the race Milan Sitniansky didn’t make any mistakes and kept the speed high to finish the race in first with a gap of more than nine seconds to second place rider Giovanni Bussei, who showed he didn’t lose any speed while he was injured. Czech rider Petr Vorlicek finished in third place making the podium complete for this first S2 race, taking valuable points for the championship.  Luca Ciaglia and Romain Kaivers were all race close to each other, but the Italian Gazza rider Ciaglia didn’t give Kaivers any chance to pass on him making him fourth in the race and while Kaivers had to settle for fifth position.

S2 Race 2
The holeshot in the second race of the S2 class was for Union Bike TM rider Giovanni Bussei in front of TMS Honda rider Milan Sitniansky and TM Factory Racing rider Diego Monticelli. The top three was followed by Petr Vorlicek while TM Factory Racing rider Joan Llados completed the top five. In the beginning of the race all riders of the top five were within one second from each other, making it a great race to watch for the spectators. In lap 7 second man Milan Sitniansky made a small mistake and was passed by Diego Monticelli and Petr Vorlicek making him fall back to fourth position in the race just in front of Joan Llados. Behind the top five Gazza Racing riders Luca Ciaglia, Lorenzo Promutico and Emerick Guillois were having a close battle with Belgium MTR KTM rider Romain Kaivers for sixth place. In front European championship leader Petr Vorlicek managed to pass Diego Monticelli in lap 9 and one lap later also the race leader Giovanni Bussei, but Vorlicek made a mistake in the off-road section of the track and felt back to eight position. Because of the mistake from Vorlicek, Union Bike rider Giovanni Bussei was back in the lead of the race, but also Bussei made an mistake in one of the slower corners which made him fall back to third position behind TMS Honda rider Milan Sitniansky and Diego Monticelli.  In lap 17 the winner of the first race Milan Sitniansky was passed by Italian rider Diego Monticelli who showed good speed towards the end of the race. Further down the field Petr Vorlicek was trying to get back closer to the riders in front of him. A group of five riders lead by Joan Llados had a close battle until 2 laps for the end of the race. TM Factory Racing rider Joan Llados hit one of the barriers at the exit of the off-road section putting one of the barriers in the middle of the racetrack. Gazza Racing riders Lorenzo Promutico and Emerick Guillois  together with Romain Kaivers couldn’t avoid the barrier and all three riders crashed. Guillois and Kaivers got back on their bikes but for Promutico the race was over. By this accident Petr Vorlicek was back in fifth position behind Joan Llados who was still in fourth. In the lead of the race, Diego Monticelli crossed the finish line in first followed by Milan Sitniansky. Giovanni Bussei completed the top three in race 2. After the race Diego Monticelli was disqualified for course cutting and was taken out of the race results which made Milan Sitniansky the winner of race 2. With this win, Sitnianksy also won this round of the European championship, his first victory of 2016. On the podium he was accompanied by Giovanni Bussei and Petr Vorlicek.
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