Start of the Supermoto European Championship in Rivesaltes (France)

fim europeSeason 2014 could not have had a better start for the European Supermoto Championship – Class SM2 than it had in Rivesaltes (France) this weekend! Thirty European riders gathered on “Grand Circuit du Roussillon” to compete against each other in the search of the win and ultimately the European Champion title. All spectators present were in for some exceptional racing, groups of five-six riders battling it out to the limit through-out the pack.

Qualified in pole-position for the first time, Czech Milan Sitniansky (TM) could not yet resist the pressure of the first place and was passed by four riders right from the start of the race. First to lead was Italian Fabrizio Bartolini (Honda), followed by Dutch Devon Vermeulen (TM) and Finnish riders Asseri Kingelin (Aprilia) and Toni Klem (KTM). After five laps out of the total fourteen Vermeulen (TM) passed Bartolini (Honda) with a courageous maneuver. Sensing the posibility to move forward, Kingelin (Aprilia) pushed hard to pass Bartolini (Honda) but all his efforts were in vain. Moreover, fourth placed rider Toni Klem (KTM) also pushed Kingelin (Aprilia) towards a mistake but had to settle for fourth place, even though he was very close to achieving third place at the finish line. First race saw first four riders completing the 14 scheduled laps in less than 2 seconds. New entry in the Supermoto European Championship Italian Giovanni Bussei (TM) finished in sixth place, after Czech rider Milan Sitniansky (TM).

Second race was even more animated, spectators following three or four battles on the track at once in different groups of riders. Like in the first race, Italian Fabrizio Bartolini (Honda) had a brilliant start and installed his #110 bike at the lead followed closely by Dutch Devon Vermeulen (TM). In the following laps Vermeulen (TM) and Bartolini (Honda) exchanged places for the lead, stimulating spectators to cheer for the riders even more. Third place was Finnish rider Asseri Kingelin (Aprilia), while fourth and fifth place was heavily disputed between Finnish Toni Klem (KTM) and Czech Milan Sitniansky (TM). As in the first race, Vermeulen (TM) was quickest to the finish line. Second was Bartolini (Honda), followed by Kingelin (Aprilia). This was as well the podium of the overall.

Next event and second round of the European Supermoto Championship will take place in Arad (Romania) between the 16th-18th of May.


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