S3 Junior European Championship: double victory and leadership for Brando Campocasso in Romania

S3 Junior European Championship:
double victory and leadership for Brando Campocasso in Romania

Photo credit: Toma Nedelea – FRM

This weekend Romania was the host of the second and third rounds of the FIM Europe S3 Junior Supermoto European Championship.

Prejmer Raceway Circuit near Brașov, about 200 km north of capital Bucharest, offered a perfect setting for Supermoto some with wide turns, fast corners and a nicely built offroad.

First race of Saturday was a real thriller with incredible highs and lows and an unexpected unfolding of events.

Bulgarian Jivko Ivanov (KTM) was on pole and managed to take the holeshot only to throw everything away in the second corner as he lost grip at the offroad entrance and crashed while going from first position to dead last in just a few seconds.

It was then French rider Brando Campocasso (KTM) who was gifted the lead and started to open up a gap to second place rider Bulgarian Atanas Lekov (KAWASAKI).

But it was a revival race for Jivko Ivanov after picking himself up after his early race crash as he made up great lengths of time and arrived second with only few laps to go.

Only a misfortune or a mistake could take the win away from Campocasso and before the finish a lapped rider crashed in front of the leader to take him out and give the victory to Jivko Ivanon from Bulgaria, who arrived from first at the start to immediately last after two corners and back to first again at the finish.

Campocasso managed to pick himself up and finish in second position while Atanas was third.

Second race was a mission of Campocasso, who managed to win in style and win round tied in points with Ivanov, while Atanas was third.

Third round on Sunday had the same history in both races, with Campocasso leading, Ivanov and Atanas running close by in second and third respectively, giving Campobasso of France the lead in the standings before the last event, which will be held in Pleven, Bulgaria, on September 2nd-3rd.

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