Road Racing

RR Hill Climbing in Villers sous Chalamont (France)

aboutuemThe fourth and last round of the Road Racing Hill Climbing European Championship was held this weekend in Villers sous Chalamont (France).

The winners of the different categories were the following:

Moto3/125GP: Giovanni Ronzoni (ITA, Honda)

250cc Open: Jean Paul Clement (FRA, Yamaha)

Sidecar: Gassmann/Chabloz (FRA, Suzuki)

Superbike: Jean Noel Salvi (FRA, Honda)

Supermoto Open: Jürgen SCHÖNLEITNER (AUT, Husqvarna)

Supersport: Jean Noel Salvi (FRA, Honda)

Superstock 600: Anthony Oren (FRA, Yamaha)

Superstock 1000: Christophe Balmer (SUI, BMW)

(FIM Europe Press Release 103/2013)