Last round of the S3 Supermoto European Championship in Pleven (Bulgaria)

aboutuemThe world-wide recognized Supermoto track of Pleven (Bulgaria) was the host of the last round of European Supermoto SOpen, S3 and SMJunior Championship 2013.

Angel Karanyotov of Bulgaria (Honda) managed to take the holeshot, lead through-out the complete first race and win the SOpen class in front of Bulgarian Alexander Georgiev (KTM). First race podium of SOpen class was completed by Makedonian Slobodan Ivceski (KTM) after the retiring of Bulgarian Antonio Todorov (KTM) in the last lap. In S3 class Austrian Andreas Buschberger (KTM) managed to defend his leading position in front of Bulgarian rider Borislav Stoimenov (KTM), earning the first spot. Third after these two riders finished Romanian Vlad Neaga (Suzuki). First race of SM Junior was very animated, with Bulgarian Hakan Halmi (KTM) and Austrian Maximilian Kofler (KTM) in front of the race from the beginning. In the end, Halmi was the winner of the heat, with Kofler finishing just after Halmi. Third in SM Junior finished Bulgarian Ivelin Manev (KTM).

Second race of SOpen and S3 saw Bulgarian Angel Karanyotov (Honda) crash in the first corner, while Georgiev (KTM) took the lead. Many battles between riders went on through-out the pack but when the chequered flag was shown it was Bulgarian Alexander Georgiev (KTM) who crossed the finish line first, followed closely by Angel Karanyotov (KTM). Bulgarian Antonio Todorov (KTM) finished this race third, making the overall podium of SOpen the same as the podium of the second race. S3 class had exactly the same classification as in the first race, with Austrian Buschberger (KTM) on the first place, Bulgarian Borislav Stoimenov (KTM) on the second place and Romanian Vlad Neaga (Suzuki) on the third step of the podium.

Second race of SM Junior saw Bulgarians Ivelin Manev (KTM) and Hakan Halmi (KTM) and Turkish rider Yigithan Onganer (KTM) crash in the first corner, while Austrian Maximilian Kofler (KTM) took the lead of the race. Bulgarian Hakan Halmi (KTM) started to catch the other riders one by one until he was on the second place, managing to win the overall title of European Champion in front of Austrian Maximilian Kofler (KTM). Third this race was Bulgarian Milen Georgiev (KTM), while third overall finished Bulgarian Yanislav Stoynov (KTM).

Congratulations to Bulgarian Angel Karanyotov (Honda) – Winner of 2013 SOpen class, Bulgarian Borislav Stoimenov (KTM) – Winner of 2013 S3 class, Bulgarian Hakan Halmi (KTM) – Winner of 2013 SM Junior class and Austrian Andreas Kofler (KTM) – Winner of 2013 Kid’s Trophy.

(FIM Europe Press Release 100/2013)