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FIM Europe attends FEMA annual meeting in Brussels

The FIM Europe Director of Public Affairs John Chatterton-Ross was invited to join the FEMA annual meeting on 4th February in Brussels. Marking another stage in the cooperation by both organisations to defend the interests of motorcyclists.
In a message to the meeting FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb wrote:
“It was a great pleasure to welcome Mr Morten Hansen* to our recent FIM Europe meetings in Rome on 21st January.
“The progress we have made since 2014 is excellent.  The joint position papers send a positive message to the Council of Ministers, the Parliament, and the Commission of the European Union, to governments in the Member States of the European Union; and across the whole of the Europe.
“This work has a strong foundation from the International Transport Forum report that was launched at the 2015 FIM dinner debate in Brussels.
“Today we go fast; soon we will go very fast!”
FIM Europe was given a briefing on the many projects that FEMA is currently undertaking and planning. These include another edition of the very successful FEMA mobility test which will be run in 2017. This compares different modes of transport for journey times into a city and of course will include mopeds, motorcycles and scooters as well as cars and public transport. FEMA invited FIM Europe member Federations to join in this work. FEMA has prepared advice on how to conduct this campaign and shared it with FIM Europe.
Mr Doede Bakker from the FIVA motorcycling commission outlined the work of FIVA to keep classic motorcycles on the roads.   Moto Guzzi StornelloThis bike should let let out onto the roads occasionally… not kept locked up all the time!
 “We have an excellent working relationship with the staff and Board members of FEMA”, stated John Chatterton-Ross. “It was great to meet FEMA delegates from all across Europe. Working together strengthens our defence of motorcycling. At the same time we work proactively to improve road safety for riders.
“It is vital that we get behind our friends in FIVA and ensure a future for classic bikes. Banning such vehicles from new low emission zones makes no sense whatsoever as the contribution to pollution from such activity is so small as to be incapable of measurement. They must not be treated in the same way as modern motorcycles in daily use or we will lose a vital part of our culture that is enjoyed by riders and the public. I would say the same about classic cars, and I hope the combined forces represented by FIVA will achieve this”.        

*Chair of the FEMA-FIM Europe cooperation group.

Jesper Christensen JCR Morten Hansen FEMA President Anna ZeeFrom the left, Jesper Christensen, John Chatterton-Ross, Morten Hansen and FEMA President Anna Zee