Eurosupercross in Milan (Italy)

EurosupercrossThe start of Eurosupercross – Photo by Antonio Cabrini

The Supercross show was held in EICMA MotoLive, in Milan (Italy), with the dispute for the European title. Riders made their best, with the assignment of the fantastic public that supported them since the morning.


Nick Kouwenberg - ph. Davide Messora

Nick Kouwemberg, European Champion in the  SXLites class, photo by Davide Messora

In the SXLites class, Nick Kouwemberg (Honda J-Tech) is the absolute European Champion: he dominates the race after passing his team mate Filippo Zonta, who takes the HoleShot Tissot. Behind him it’s a bagarre: Francesco Muratori (Suzuki) with a block-pass overtakes Zonta, who crashes. The J-Tech rider jumps on his bike again and starts to recover positions until the second place, through breathless passes, especially on Clochet (Husqvarna) and then Muratori himself on the final jump.

Thomas Ramette

Thomas Ramette, European Champion in the Supercross Class – Photo by Davide Messora

The Supercross class Final#1, the main class of EuroSupercross, is a real fight. The French Thomas Ramette (KTM) gains the Holeshot Tissot and takes a strong advantage to be the leader until the finish. Behind him, Angelo Pellegrini (Suzuki), Bonini Davide (Husqvarna) and Bonini Matteo (KTM) try to keep the pace of the French rider, with Chisholm (Kawasaki) following them. The two Bonini crash into each other and Matteo is unlucky: at the finish he is only 7th, while Davide is third placed, at Pellegrini’s shoulder and keeping behind the American.
In the Final#2 of Supercross Class, Ramette is still in front from the start to the finish: followed by the Italians, he shows no scare of none, becoming the new European Supercross Champion. Behind him it’s a real fight: the fastest is Marco Maddii (KTM), in second position until the last lap, when a recovering Matteo Bonini passes him. A series of attacks and counter-attacks that mean the third step of the podium, with same points as Davide Bonini and one point of advantage on Maddii. Second classified is Pellegrini thanks to the fifth position in the second final.

Morgan Lesiardo ph Messora

Morgan Lesiardo, European Champion in the 125 SX Class – Photo by Davide Messora

Pure show in SX125, won by Morgan Lesiardo (TM), who starts in front and resists to his followers’ attacks and especially that one by the French Stephan Rubini (KTM), who recovers and tries to passes him, but crashes out in his attempt. At the finish jump Lesiardo is the new European champion in front of Yuri Quarti (KTM) and Nicola Bertuzzi (KTM), both of them protagonists of an exciting race.