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European Cross Country Cup at Tofta Skjutfalt Gotland (Sweden)

The Swedish round of the European Cross Country Cup took place at Tofta Skjutfalt Gotland and saw the participation of 3085 riders from 19 Countries.
The weather conditions were not pleasant – only 2 degrees and a strong wind (20 meter per second), plus rain. The race could be held regularly thanks to the work of 200 volonteers.

Photo credit: Kalle Lundstedt/Race Magazine

All the riders had to face 3 hours ride. The winner was Albin Elowson, the only rider who started the 7th lap (in photo3).
All the other riders made 6 laps or less (the track was 22 km long).

Albin Elowson took home this year’s Gotland Grand National. It was the first Swedish victory since 2010 at Tofta.
“I do not know what to say. It’s unreal, it’s like a dream. At last I showed what I can do», stated Elowson, who was really nervous in the brutal conditions.
After three hours, which is the official contest time, Elowson was alone on the seventh lap and could choose to finish the race or run it as well. Elowson chose to win immediately and the black and white flag came up.

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