European Baja Championship at Szczecin Dobra (Poland)

The European Baja Championship was held this weekend at Szczecin Dobra, in Poland. 14 riders took part to the event: 5 in the Bike class and 9 in the Quad class, in front of around 1000 spectators.
In Day1 after the Special Stage the riders continued the race with 282,84 km long race day within two Special Stages (SS2 and SS3).
The track was not too dusty, which might cause troubles during a race. From time to time during the day it rained, so the track was a bit muddy, too.
In the Bikes Class the fastest rider was Adam Tomiczek (3h03’40’’) from Poland, 27 seconds ahead of his compatriot Maciej Giemza. Third position for Jakub Patek (3h19’19’’) from Poland, too. All of them were racing on KTM.

In the Quad Class the fastest rider was Polish Arkadiusz Lindner (3h40’21’’), ahead of Andrzej Pieron (4h21’11’’). Third step of the podium for Przemyslaw Pawlowski with a 17.04 minutes gap from the leader.
The only lady finished in 5th place: Olga Rouckova from Czech Republic, in 4h13’38’’.
Two riders of the Quad class did not finish the race: Oleksandr Bashynskyi from Ukraine, who had an accident and broke his shoulder, and Kamil Wisniewski, because of technical problems.

In Day 2 the total track length was 62.48 km in two Special Stages SS4 and SS5.
In the Bike Class the fastest rider of the day was Adam Tomiczek (POL) with the time of 3h35’12’’. For the whole day in first place there was Maciej Giemza, but he had a small accident in the last 100 meters, which made him finish in second place for only 7 seconds.
In the Quad Class the fastest rider was Arkadiusz Lindner (POL) with the total time of 4h17’04’’. Olga Rouckova finished 7th in 4h52’35’’.
No riders had technical problems and there were no crashes or big accidents during the race in day2.
Full results on FIM Europe website:


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