EMX 65 and 85 and Open at Kovel (Ukraine)

The 3rd round in EMX 65cc and EMX 85cc in the NE Zone and the 7th round in EMX Open were carried out in Kovel, Ukraine.
On a well prepared track, with rainy weather the free Practice, pre qualifying practice and qualifying races were held on Saturday.
In the EMX 65cc qualifying race the winner was Maksymilian Chwalik from Poland who the pole position for the Sunday races, in front of Richard Paat from Estonia and Janis Kubulins from Latvia.
In the EMX 85cc class in qualifying the fastest rider was Romeo Karu from Estonia in front of Mairis Pumpurs from Latvia and Edvards Bidzans from Latvia.
In the Open class the first rider over the finish line of the qualifying race was Dmytro Asmanov from Ukraine followed by Kristers Drewinskis from Latvia and Volodyyr Tarasov fromUkraine.

On a sunny Sunday, with 26°C, the riders started the day with warm up on a well prepared track.
EMX 65
In Race1 the fastest rider was Maksymillian Chwalik from Poland, who started well from the pole position and won in front of Aleh Maknou from Belarus and Serafim Sukhotin from Russia.
In Race2 Maksymillian Chwalik won again in front of Aleh Maknou but this time on the third step of the podium there was Kristers Janbergs from Latvia.
The Overall sees  Maksymillian Chwalik winning in front of Aleh Maknou and Kristers Janbergs.
EMX 85
In Race1 the winner was Romeo Karu from Estonia, in front of Mairis Pumours from Latvia and Edwards Bidzans, from Latvia, too.
In Race2 Mairis Pumours was the first rider over the finish line, and he won in front of Romeo Karu and Daniel Valovach from Belarus.
In the Overall, Mairis Pumours is the winner in front of Romeo Karu and Alexey Orlov from Russia.

EMX Open
In Race1 the winner was Dmytro Asmanov from Ukraine, who finished ahead of Kristers Drevinskis from Latvia and Volodyyr Tarasov from Ukraine.
In Race2 Dmytro Asmanov managed to win again, this time in front of his compatriot Volodyyr Tarasov, with Roman Morozov from Ukraine, too, in third position.
In the Overall Dmytro Asmanov snatches the victory in front of Volodyyr Taraso and Kristers Drevinskis.
Photos © Viktor Selivanov

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