EMX 65-85 South East Zone & Open at Krusevac-Globare (Serbia) - Day 2

The track of Krusevac, in Serbia, hosted the EMX 65-85 South East Zone & Open Championships this weekend. Today, the races were held in a cloudy weather and with temperatures around 17°C.
EMX 85
The first two riders to qualify yesterday finished Race1 the same positions: Bulgarian Nikolay Malinov won in front of Greek Antonis Sagmalis, with Laszlo Tecsi from Hungary in third position. In Race2 the podium was exactly the same: great joy for Malinov after the double win.
EMX 65
In Race1 the holeshot goes to Hungarian Beres Szabolcs, but soon after the start Noel Zanocz maganes to catch the first position and wins in front of two Croatian riders: Matija Sterpin and Luka Kunic.
Race2 was the copy of first heat: Szabolcs snatched the holeshot but Zanocz overtook him in first lap and won once again in front of Sterpin and Kunic.
In Race1 Bulgarian Michael Ivanov was the leader from the start to finish win in front of Dymitro Asmanov and Volodymir Tarasov, both from Ukraine. In Race2 once again the podium was exactly the same as in Race1.
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