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2024 MACEC General Assembly in Bucharest

2024 MACEC General Assembly in Bucharest

The 2024 General Assembly of MACEC (Motorcycle Association of Central European Countries) was held on 16th March in Bucharest, Romania. The meeting was organised by the Romanian Motorcycle Federation.

During the meeting, the 2023 motorcycle season and the activities of the member Federations were discussed. Medals and trophies were awarded to the winners of the individual and team classification in the 2023 MACEC Speedway Cup. The calendar and regulations for the 2024 MACEC Cup in Speedway, Motocross, and Trial disciplines were approved. The conditions for organising competitions in each country were also discussed.

The 2024 MACEC General Assembly was chaired by the MACEC President – Aleksandra Knyszewska (PZM).

Representatives from six member countries participated in the meeting: Romania, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, Lithuania and Poland. Special guests were Michał Sikora (President of the FIM Europe) and Giedré Leskauskiené (FIM Board Member), who presented the current situation and actions taken in FIM Europe and FIM. Also present Jan Šťovíček (FIM-FIA Committee Chairman), Nicoleta Olariu (FIM Europe Vice President and meeting host), Andrzej Witkowski (FIM Honorary Vice President and founder of MACEC) and Andrzej Grodzki (MACEC Honorary President).

Fruitful discussions and important exchanges of experiences allowed participants to expand their knowledge. New opportunities are being planned to be implemented in the organisation of competitions in those countries.

The next MACEC General Assembly will take place in March 2025.

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