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2023 Nordic Meeting

2023 Nordic Meeting

From left: Ville Salonen (SML Secretary General), Rusne Jankunaitè (LMSF Secretary General), Tonu Seil (EMF Sport Director), Tony Isaksen (NMF Secretary General), Giedre Leskauskiene (LMSF President), Martin Jarl (Svemo Secretary General), Anna Wilhelmsson (Svemo Coordinator), Robert Svensson (Svemo President), Emilie Westbye (NMF President), Erkki Heikkinen (SML President), Juhani Halme (FIM Europe Vice-President), Sören Andersen (DMU Sport Director), Dennis Skytte Bechmann (DMU Board Member).

Last weekend, SVEMO, the Swedish Motorcycle Federation, hosted the annual Nordic Meeting in Arlanda Airport, Stockholm.

This important conference for FIM Europe and Nordic Federations, has been attended by Presidents and Secretaries General from the Nordic countries, Lithuania and Estonia.

The meeting covered topics such as sustainability, environment, insurance and education, providing a platform to share countries’ experiences and knowledge in several important areas.

Nordic countries benefit from each other’s insights and progress, promoting these aspects in motorsport. A particular focus was on the deepening cooperation in various areas, including insurance and licensing.

The 2023 Nordic Meeting concluded with the appointment of Denmark as next year’s official venue.

FIM Europe and Nordic Federations strongly believe that this special occasion is fundamental to promote the cooperation and development of motorsport in the Nordic countries.