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2023 FIM Europe Congress – Zaragoza – Day1

2023 FIM Europe Congress
Day 1

First day of meetings in Zaragoza with the Sporting and Beyond Sporting Councils.

The 27th edition of the FIM Europe Congress officially kicked off today in Spain, that for the first time is hosting the event in the presence of 31 National Federations.

The city of Zaragoza sees the 2023 edition to take place as perfect location to stage this esteemed gathering, as the Real Federación Motociclista Española this year is celebrating its 100th anniversary and was founded exactly in the city in 1923.

The Congress started today inside the Hotel Hiberus with the Sporting and Beyond Sporting Councils’ meetings, that took the point on the current activities and the upcoming events.

Mr Manuel Marinheiro, Chairman of the Sporting Council, had the occasion to discuss with the Chairmen of the various Commissions, that tomorrow will be reunited for the usual mid-season’s meetings. The reports of the activities of all disciplines were analysed in the presence of Mr Michal Sikora, FIM Europe President.

Manuel Marinheiro – Chairman of the Sporting Council

“In this first day of the 27th FIM Europe Congress, in the beautiful city of Zaragoza, I had the opportunity to meet all the Chairmen of the ten Sporting Commissions. We analysed the 2022 season and the first half of the 2023. I would like to thank the RFME for the excellent hospitality and wish all the FIM Europe family a great congress”.

The Chairman of the Beyond Sporting Council, Mr Roy N. Wetterstad, met his Chairmen taking the stock of the season.

Roy N. Wetterstad – Chairman of the Beyond Sporting Council

The Beyond Sporting Council met to prepare for the commission meetings and General Assembly in Zaragoza, where we expect the temperature to be lover in the meeting rooms than in the air outside. In the beyond sport sector, we work to create the optimal framework for motorcycles and our sport. We are dealing with policy and society issues in a refraction time where technology and conditions are changing very fast. Regulations and political decisions are threatening our activities, often in the name of environment and safety. That is why the work of the beyond sport commissions is more important than ever”.

Michal Sikora, FIM Europe President

Today we started with meeting of the councils – both sporting and beyond sporting with the presence of all Commission Chairmans. It was interesting to listen to the improvements done so far this season. Thanks to efforts of RFME everything is ready for next days of hard work. I’m looking forward to next days in Zaragoza!”.

Tomorrow the Congress will go on with the Management Council, the Commissions and Panels and the Meeting of the General Secretaries.

FIM Europe Congress
Real Federación Motociclista Española