EMX 65 and 85 NE Zone and EMX Women at Cieszyn (Poland) - Day2

The track of Cieszyn, in Poland, hosted the first round of the EMX 65 and 85 North East Zone, together with the EMX Women. After a very hot Friday the temperature went down to 15°C on Saturday. The track got some natural watering during the night and was slippery in the morning, but after midday it was sunny, which gave the spectators a beautiful racing day.
In EMX 65 double win of the local hero Maksymiliam Chwalik. In both races he won in front of before Russian Elisey Oreshkin. Third place for Russian Seraafim Sukhotin in Race1 and for Joosep Parn from Estonia in Race2.
In the overall Maksymiliam Chwalik won in front of Elisey Oreshkin and Kirils Maslovs from Latvia.
In EMX 85 the Estonian Romeo Karu, winner of qualifying race, had to fight withfour strong Russian riders: he was second in Race1 behind Alexey Orlov and in front of Nikita Petrov and in Race2 he was only 7th. The winner was Orlov again, always in front on Petrov, with their compatriot Egor Frolov in third position.
In the overall Orlov won in front of Petrov and Frolob.
In EMX Women, with 26 ladies on the starting grid, the holeshot was for Swedish Amanda Bergkvist for both heats, but equally in both races the winner was Danish Sara Andersen in front of Swedish Emelie Dahl and of Polish Joanna Miller. This is also the overall standing.
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