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Martin de Graaff is the new FIM Europe President

Zagreb 2019

The election of Martin de Graaff as President at the General Assembly

In the third FIM Europe Congress day

New elected FIM Europe President Martin de Graaff

Third official day for the FIM Europe Congress in Zagreb, Croatia, with the election of Mr. Martin de Graaff as new President for the next four years.

After yesterday’s Sporting and Non-Sporting Commission and Panels, this morning each Council met again to take the stock of the topics covered.

The Management Council met too in view of the General Assembly, which took place in the afternoon from 2 pm to 8 pm and was broadcasted in youtube live streaming at the presence of the FIM President Mr. Jorge Viegas and the representatives of 39 National Federations.

In the agenda the reports of the FIM Europe Acting President Mr. Martin De Graaff, the Treasurer Michal Sikora and all the auditors. After presentation of the 2018 balance sheet and the 2019 budget approval, at 15.45 officially begun the election of the new President. The two candidates, Mr. De Graaff and Mr. Stelios Korelis, presented their programmes, at the end of which all the present National Federation voted: the preference has been for Mr. Martin De Graaff, who won with 44 votes on 58, and he is officially the new FIM Europe President.

“I knew that many Federations believed in me, but the certainty arrives only after the results. I’m happy that the majority votes for me: I was a little nervous, but everything went well today. The Congress in general was good. I saw interested people during these days and all the Commissions have long meetings and worked hard together, and that’s so important. Good job also from the backstage people and the many volunteers”.  

Moreover Mr. Manuel Marinheiro has been elected as new FIM Europe Vice-President.

At the end of the congress, after the allocation of honorary titles, some words about next congress, scheduled for 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic, with the cooperation of ACCR, and the one of 2021 in Belgrad, Serbia.

Tomorrow the last day with the conclusion of the Congress and the meeting of the new Management Council.

The new FIM Europe Management Council. From left to right: Manuel Marinheiro, Juhani Halme, Jean-Marc Desnues, Nicoleta Melania Olariu, Martin de Graaff, Alessandro Sambuco, Michal Sikora, Silvio Manicardi, Martins Lazdovskis.