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FIM Europe at FIM Policy Debate in Brussels (Belgium)

On Thursday 28th September, FIM hosted its 2017 policy debate and annual reception at the Stanhope Hotel in Brussels. This event titled “Motorcycles & Scooters: A New Boost for Electric Mobility?” was supported by Members of the European Parliament, Ms Inés Ayala Sender (Spain, S&D), Mr Dominique Riquet (France, ALDE) and Wim van de Camp (Netherlands, EPP).

From the left, Steve Aeschlimann, FIM CEO, Stéphane Mertens, FIM Endurince World Champion, Dolf Willigers, FEMA Secretary General, Dietmar Krohm, Steering Governmental Affairs at BMW Motorrad, Antonio Perlot, Segretary General ACEM, Dominique Riquet, MEP, Inés Ayaha Sender, MEP, Jos Driessen, FIM Board Member, John Chatterton-Ross, FIM, Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe Second Deputy President, Jesper Christensen FIM Director, Public Affairs Commission

The event also saw the participation of special guest, Mr Stéphane Mertens (FIM Endurance World Champion 1995 and 2002), alongside Mr Jos Driessen (FIM board member) who framed the debates.

This introduction was followed by two engaging panel discussions which focused on disruptive technologies and new mobility solutions featuring representatives from the STORM Eindhoven Project, Scooty (e-scooter sharing platform) and the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM). Representatives from the European Commission, environmental NGO Transport & Environment, and FIM Public Affairs Commission (Jesper Christensen) then broached the challenges and opportunities tied to the deployment of electric Power-Two-Wheelers in the second panel.

The discussion about “Disruptive Technologies & New Mobility Solutions: a leap into the Future”, with the interventions od Jules Frints and Stephan van der Burgh of STORM Project, Jan-Albrecht Jost, co-founder of Scooty, and Antonio Perlot, Secretary General of ACEM.

The event was moderated by John Chatterton-Ross (FIM Public Affairs Commission) and attended by FIM Europe Vice President Silvio Manicardi.

Finally, FIM CEO Steve Aeschlimann thanked the audience for its participation and concluded the debates with some exciting news.

The discussion about “Unleashing the Potential of e-PTWs: Challenges and Opportunities” with the interventions of Jean-Francois Aguinaga, Head of Unit for Surface Transports of the European Commission, Greg Archer, Director of Clean Vehicles, Transport & Environment and Jesper Christensen, FIM Director, Public Affairs Commission

FIM is set to launch the world’s first global multimedia motorcycling platform. The website will cover all areas of motorcycling policy and will include podcasts, blog posts, articles and interviews with the industry’s forerunners.

“I am convinced that what has been discussed is extremely important”, stated Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe Second Deputy President. “We are sure that we will see a large diffusion of electric vehicles, especially in those cities which are now ‘worried’ for rising of pollution from internal combustion vehicles. Electric engines might really represent the future of urban powered two-wheelers mobility”. The actual issue of FIM Europe MAG is online and can be downloaded here.