The FIM Europe CLUB has the aim, through the organization of Touring events, named FIM EuropeCLUB Experiences, addressed to its members, to learn more about people co-operating inside FIM Europe, creating relationships, increasing collaboration, increasing the level of trust among colleagues, motivating the group and creating cohesion and integration.

The FIM Europe CLUB will represent, through the charm of its experiences on bike, the emotions that will be generated and shared, multi-sensory involvement, the climate of interaction and exchange with others and fun, an excellent motivational tool, creating opportunities for brainstorming and problem solving.

The FIM Europe CLUB will organize two Touring events each year: one on the road and one off-road.

Applications to organize the Experiences will be collected at the Annual FIM Europe Congress at the meeting of the Secretaries General.

For the period 2015-2018 the FIM EuropeCLUB will be coordinated by the 1stDeputy President Mr Martin de Graaff and the Secretary General Mr Alessandro Sambuco.

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Video of 2015 FIM Europe CLUB Road Experience in Tuscany

Video of 2016 FIM Europe CLUB Road Experience in Sweden

Video of 2017 FIM Europe CLUB Road Experience in France