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European Motoball Championship at Kovrov (Russia) – Day 7

BELARUS Juniors 1-3 FRANCE Juniors France juniors played good game and were more composed team than their opponents. They scored three goals, conceded only one and won third place. Belarus played well, but were let down but their defense. GAME LINK: RUSSIA Juniors 5-1 GERMANY Juniors Russia scored their first goal in the first quarter, while Germany wasted 11 meters penalty. Later Russian juniors intensified the attacks and claimed their first European Juniors Motoball Championship title. GAME LINK: BELARUS 2-14 GERMANY Germany scored a nice goal in the first quarter, but made problems for themselves with getting yellow/red card for one of their players and green card for another one. Belarus used this situation well and scored equalizer. But Germans recovered well in the second quarter with two fast goals, and their goal-machine started the demolition - 14 goals from Die Mannschaft and 2 from Belarus was an
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