FIM Europe at the MBA Motorsport-Management Master in Germany

This weekend at the Nürburgring one of three weekends scheduled for the current semester was held by the MBA Motorsport-Management organized by the Kaiserslautern/Zweibrücken University (Germany). The Master's objective is to provide students with detailed knowledge of marketing, financing, sponsorship, leadership in motorsport and contract law. The lesson on Saturday morning saw the lecture of FIM Europe Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco on “Motorcycling in the International Sports Organization”. The lesson, which continues the collaboration started by FIM Europe with the two Universities of Kaiserslautern and Roma “Foro Italico” has offered the opportunity to the Master's students to make a focus on Motorcycling, given the almost total specialization in Car Racing. Family picture for Nürburgring CEO, Teachers and Students of the MBA Motorsport-Management From the description of the international sports organization and the institutions of motorcycling, the students passed the examination of the Organization Chart of FIM Europe and the processes
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European races of the weekend 25-27 May 2018

In the weekend from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th May, the follow­ing European races will be held: 25-27 May - Superstock 1000 and 600 European Championship at Donington/Great Britain 25-28 May - Supertwin Bike, Top fuel bike, Pro Stock bike, SSB
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EMX 125 at Teutschenthal (Germany)

This weekend the MXGP calendar made a stop at Germany’s Teutschenthal motocross track and along with it came the European Motocross Championship’s EMX125 class presented by FMF Racing. Topping the group of riders at the end of the weekend was
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EMX 65 and 85 SW Zone at Brou (France)

The third round of EMX65 and 85 South West Zone was held at Brou, in France. The winner of 85cc class was French rider Axel Louis who won in Race1 and finished in fifth position in Race2. Second position in
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European races of the weekend 19-20 May

In the weekend from Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th May, the follow­ing European races will be held: 19-20 May - EMX 125 European Championship 2 Stroke at Teutschenthal/Germany 19-20 May - EMX65 and EMX 85 Championships SW at Brou/France 19-20
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