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World Sustainability Week

FIM Europe celebrates the World Sustainability Week

Dear friends of the world of FIM Europe,

as every year, the moment is approaching when the whole world will celebrate the WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY.

The FIM Europe as well as the FIM, intends to extend these celebrations to the entire week that includes the WED by celebrating the WORLD SUSTAINABILITY WEEK which will begin on May 30 and end on June 5.

This is an opportunity to remind everyone involved in the world of motorcycling of the importance of operating in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner when we carry out our favourite activity, whether it is competitive or simply recreational.

This is also be an opportunity to remind everyone that this behaviour should not be limited to this celebratory period, but extended to every day of the year.

In fact, as the motto chosen this year to celebrate the WED #OnlyOneEarth reminds us, humanity has only this planet at its disposal and it is essential to treat it in a way that enables future generations to be able to use it as we did.

Happy World Sustainability Week


Adamo Leonzio, Chairman Environment Commission