Vintage Regularity Cup

Vintage Regularity Cup

The Classic Club Hlohovec organised in the town centre of Holič, Slovakia, the only race of the Vintage Regularity Cup. For one day the normal traffic was stopped for over 100 riders, to let the race to take place on a track of 1250 meters with two right and five left turns.
The weather was mild and partly sunny, but it started to rain in the late afternoon: riders and organiser decided to cancel the last three races for security reasons (classes C, D and E sidecars). It was decided that the results of the second practice session were valid for the race.

The winners
Class A1 – Milan Šoban, Benelli, CZE, SMF
Class A2 – Jiri Krutina, Honda, SVK, SMF
Class B – Zdenek Paznocko, Aermacchi, CZE, SMF
Class C – Arrigo Vinsani, Honda, ITA, SMF
Class D – Robert Bodiš, Ducati, SVK, SMF
Class E (sidecar) – Jan Barton/ Eliška Bohata, CZE, SMF

On Saturday lunchtime traditional parade was organised. Over 2.000 spectators have the opportunity to see in action Carlos Lavado (2 times World Champion), Peter Balaž (3 times European Champion, 10 times Czechoslovakian Champion), Alfio Crespi and many others riders.

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