Ice Racing

Vasil Kosov new Ice Racing European Champion

The Ice Racing European Championship was held in Assen with a very good formula of a Semi Final on Saturday and the Final races on Sunday.

The first 8 riders of the Semi Final were placed for the Final on Sunday. Vasili Kosov (MFR), Antti Akko (SML) and Franky Zorn (OeAMTC) took place on the podium. For the last Final place a run-off was necessary between Per Anders Lindström (SVEMO) and Martin Leitner (OeAMTC), with Lindström managing to place. This was also the case for the first reverse rider. Fredrik Olsson(SVEMO) was the fastest. Besides the 8 qualified riders from the Semi Final the other 8 riders have been placed by their respective FMN’s.

16 riders started on Sunday with very exciting heats, the spectators could see breathtaking heats with the best riders. No re-start were necessary, so it was a very save event under good ice circumstances and beautiful weather. Vasili Kosov received the gold medal, Simon Harald (OeAMTC) the silver one. Three riders had to battle for third place with Artjom Novik (MFR) the final winner of the bronze medal. The organisation in Assen was very satisfied about this EC event.

The event rankings can be seen here: click here


(UEM Press Release nr 04/2012)