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Update on FIM JuniorGP™ World Championship Technical Regulations

Update on FIM JuniorGP™ World Championship Technical Regulations

The FIM Europe and FIM has informed about an update of the Technical Rules. Both articles are completely new, and they will be added to the complete version of the Rules 2022 shortly. So far please kindly be informed that:

EFFECTIVE from Misano JuniorGP™ Round

Handlebar Grips – JuniorGP™, Moto2™ ECh, and Hawkers ETC Classes

It has recently been noticed that some JuniorGP™ teams have been fitting extended handlebar grips. The purpose is to allow their riders to slide their hand further towards the forks to try to improve the aerodynamic effect of the rider’s body along the straights.

This practice is considered extremely dangerous due to the fact the rider has less control of the motorcycle when in this position.

Accordingly, with immediate effect, the maximum permitted overall length of the handlebar grip in JuniorGP™, Moto2™ ECh and Hawkers ETC is 130mm.
The handlebar grip must be fitted at the end of the handlebar, with the only exceptions being the handlebar end plug and/or the fittings of the brake lever protection.


JuniorGP™ and Moto2™ ECh Ride Height Devices

Any device that modifies or adjusts the motorcycle’s static ride height whilst the motorcycle is moving are already forbidden. This ban now also applies to devices that only operate once at the race start (i.e. hole-shot devices).

The complete version of the Rules 2022 can be checked here.

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