Trial European Championship: Grattarola, Mempor and Soulier rule in Monza

Trial European Championship: Grattarola, Mempor and Soulier rule in Monza

Matteo Grattarola

Matteo Grattarola (Sembenini Nils Redmoto Montesa), Marco Mempor (Beta) and Andrea Soulier (Beta) the “quickest” into the Monza circuit! It seems a paradox but the second round of this Trials season was real organized inside the famous racetrack of Monza. It was already happened 20 years ago for a round of the Italian championship. Then environmentalists protested for what the trial bikes damaged in this huge green park. The Moto Club Monza had to pay fines, so any further organization was discouraged. Only now after this long period, the Trials was back in this wonderful place, with many attentions, hoping to start a new era.

Of course a lot of sections were indoor-style but the loop was short and being the admission free, we finally saw more spectators willing to watch the event.

Marco Mempor

In the Championship class, Grattarola and Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa) repeated the fight started the week before. The first two sections featured on the banked curve of the old circuit have been decisive. A very narrow turn in descending forced many riders to fail the section, finishing out of tape. Grattarola was able to clean it in both the laps.

With a total of 12 points Italian leader kept behind Marcelli whose mistakes were 19. In third Arnau Farrè Garcia (Jotagas)  with 23 points.

Second in the last round, Mempor dominated in the Junior class. He assured the final victory scoring only 7 marks in the first lap to improve to 6 in the other one. Runner-up was Andrea Gabutti (TRRS) who lost 13 penalties and 8 in the two laps. Third Michele Andreoli (Vertigo) who gained the rostrum for the number of dabs against Gil Vila (Gas Gas). Both scored 23 points and had the same number of cleans.

Andrea Soulier

In the Over 40 class the winner was still Soulier and the word “quickest” used as a joke in the title is more than real in this class. Markus Kipp (TRRS) scored one point as Soulier did, but it took more time. To underline how easy for the best riders this race was, here is the third place with 2 marks done by John Van Veelen (Gas Gas).

In the International 2 class Alessandro Nucifora (Jotagas) triumphed , while it sounds quite odd and not serious that seventy-two Carlo Fabbri (Montesa) won the International 1 category.

The third round will be in Ancelle, France on 10th-11th of August.

Alessandro Nucifora