Trial European Championship: final round in Kramolin

Trial European Championship: final round in Kramolin

The final round of the Trial European Championship was held in the little town of Kramolin, in the Czech Republic.
AMK Nepomuk is an experienced organizer with several European and World Championships for Trials and also a regular organizer for the Sidecar Motocross.
In the Women class three riders fought for the podium. The German Vivian Wachs had a very good day, taking the lead from the start and keeping it through the whole race. Behind her Alice Minta (GBR) and Naomi Monnier (FFM). Thanks to this second position and the victory in the first round, Alice got the title. Second position for Naomi and third for Vivian.
The battle in the Youth class were even harder with Harry Hemmingway (GBR) and David Fabian (CZE). The scores for David were 1, 0, 0 and for Harry 1, 1, 1. The win for David on home soil also meant his victory in the championship.
The International classes had few entries, especially the Women class.
The winner in International Women was Emilia Sauer from Germany ahead of Eloise Rahir from Belgium.
In the Youth International won the Italian Marco Turco ahead of Johannes Heidel from Germany and Lukas Olofsson from Sweden.

After a heavy rain of Saturday night, on Sunday started the fight for the other classes.

Over 40 cup started well for the weekends biggest favorite, Martin Kroustek from the Czech Republic. With 3 laps with only two marks, there were no discussion’s about who is going to win.
He took the victory before Danish Thomas Pedersen and Seveerin Sajevec from Slovenia.

Junior cup became a battle between the same riders as Youth cup on Saturday. David Fabian and Harry Hemmingway were having the lead different times during the day and Harry took the win with only one mark. Third place for the Belgium Emile Mattheeuws.
In the final standings Harry took the win ahead of David and Rodney Bereiter from Germany, who finished 8th in the Czech Republic and 2nd in Italy at the beginning of June.

The European Championship was expected to be a battle with the Italian Gianluca Tournour and Sondre Haga from Norway.
Sondre started very good and took an early lead, taking a safe win. Gianluca didn`t has his best day but kept the focus to save the 2nd place.
There was also a tight fight for the 3rd place between Teo Colairo from France and Jarand Vold-Gunvaldsen from Norway: in the end Teo finished 3rd both in the race and in the standings.
The gold medal landed in Norway by Sondre and the silver in Italy by Gianluca.

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