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Tout Terrain Rally Cup: Hellas Rally 2022

Tout Terrain Rally Cup:
Hellas Rally 2022

First seasonal event for the Tout Terrain Rally Cup. The Hellas rally took place in Loutraki, Greece, from May 21st to 29th.

Day 1
The 100 km long prologue kept its promises and delivered some amazing moments high in adrenaline and tension. The rocky terrain was an extra challenge for both men and bikes. An accident occurred in the SSV category caused some delays, but soon the race continued.

Day 2
The race took off in the beautiful village of Clementi, located on the green slopes of Mount Ziria at an altitude of 960 meters. Participants raced across 340 km passing near the beautiful Dassiou Lake. The beautiful sunny weather gave a magical image to the vast spruce forest.

Day 3
Day 3 has been cancelled from the organizers due to safety reasons. All participants had the occasion to rest and enjoy sun and sea at beautiful Loutraki.

Day 4
Probably the longest and warmest day for all riders. Hundreds of screaming engines blasted through one of the most unique locations Greece has to offer, on their way to Itea, where the temporary bivouac was located. The Special Test of the day was 330 km long and all participants had to try their best as there would no mechanical support in Itea.

Day 5
Toughest day: many participants didn’t reach the finish line of the rocky route.

Day 6
The sixth day of the Hellas Rally Raid was the chance for most of the participants to sign a better performance and ameliorate their ranking. The route as usual was very rocky, but this time much shorter and faster than the other days. Again, riders raced through amazing mountainous landscapes and vast forests but had to face very high temperatures of almost 36 degrees.

Day 7
Last day with the second shortest Special Test (80 km).

Top five
1. Martin Albert, SPA
2. Podvratnik Tomaz, SLO
3. Iglesias Sanchez Eduardo, SPA
4. Zacchetti Cesare, ITA
5. Kreidl Ferdinand, AUT

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