Tout Terrain

Tout Terrain Rally Cup: a week full of emotions in Greece

Tout Terrain Rally Cup: a week full of emotions in Greece

From Spain to Greece: the second round of the TT Rally Cup took place in Karpenissi, Grece, from 20th to 26th May.

Day 1
In the prolog was the Italian Leonardo Tonelli to win with his Husqvarna. Second place for Matteo Cura (Husquarna), third for Milan Engel (KTM) from Czech Republic.

Day 2
After 260 km and five and a half hours of racing, once more was the Italian Leonardo Tonelli to rule. The German Dirk Von Zitzewitz (KTM) was second close to him. The third was the Czech Republic Milan Engel, just 2 minutes behind.

Day 3
Italians riders ruled the 3rd day of competition: Leonardo Tonelli won in front of Edoardo Gavicchi and Matteo Cura. 5th position for Milan Engert.

Day 4
At the end of a long day and 120 km the winner was the Czech Milan Engert. Second place for Tonelli in front of Alessandro Cavicci and Matteo Cura (both with Husqvarna). Spain shone with Francisco Rico (KTM), fifth.

Day 5
The Italian leadership remained: Matteo Cura was in the lead, Lonardo Tonelli was 2nd and Roberto Barbieri 3rd. 4th position for the Spanish Francisco Rico, while yesterday’s winner Milan Engel was 5th.

Day 6
On day 6 riders met the snow at a height of nearly 2.000 meters. First position for Matteo Cura, 2nd for Leonardo Tonelli and 3rd for Milan Engel.

Day 7
Amazing last day with Milan Engert as the fastest in front of Matteo Cura and Edoardo Cavicci. 6th position for Leonardo Tonelli, who is the winner of the event: behind him 2nd position for Milan Engert and 3rd for Matteo Cura.