Tout Terrain European Cup in Greece

The second round of the Tout Terrain European Cup is being held in Greece. In the context of the Hellas Rally, which sees 285 entries, 46 riders take part to the European Cup. The event started on Monday 21st and is scheduled to finish on Sunday 27th.

Loic Minaduier – © Photo Actiongraphers

Day 1
In the 97 km race, the fastest competitor was Italian Jacopo Cerutti, who also won the C category. Second position for French Loic Minaduier, ahead of the current FIM European Tout Terrain Cup’s leader, Andrea Mancini. Of the 285 starters, category C drivers dominated the field. In the wonderful Greek environment, there were no accidents on the heavy track.
Day 2
In the second racing day, the riders had to face at first the sandy dunes of the Peloponnesos beaches. At the beginning Spanish Marc Sola Terradellas was the fastest, but the winner of the day was again Italian Jacopo Cerutti ahead of Marc Sola Terradellas and of his compatriot Dani Oliveras. During the Jury meeting, Jacopo Cerutti received a 6-minute penalty for exceeding one of the speed limitations and the first two positions switched.
Day 3
In the 3rd day of race, Jacopo Cerutti was again the first one, this time ahead of his compatriot Andrea Mancini and of Spanish Julian Villarrubia. So after a long day, with more than 5 hours of racing, the Italian-Spanish fight goes on.

Day 4
The fastest rider in the fourth day of race is Spanish Dani Oliveras, but he exceeded one of the speed limit zones and was sentenced to 7 minutes, so he came in 11th place. The fastest was Spanish Dani Oliveras, ahead of Italian Andrea Mancini but they received a penalty for exceeding speed limit in one zone and the winner of the day was Italian Emilio Procaccini ahead of Spanish Marc Sola Terradellas and of Italian Cerutti, who had reached the top position in most days.
Day 5
In day 5 the Jury could figure out why there were so many infringements to speed limits the day before: due to a coordinate error on the GPS control system, the speed limit zone was 100 meters longer than in the road book, this is why the riders accelerated. The penalties were cancelled, so the winner of day 4 was Spanish Dani Oliveras, ahead of Italians Andrea Mancini and Emilio Procaccini.
In the 5th day, Angel Belmunt failed to give priority to a car and due to the accident the police stopped the race. The time of the competitors involved was credited by the GPS tracking data. The fastest rider of the day is French Loic Minaudier ahead of Jacopo Cerutti. Third position for Spanish Dani Oliveras. So the Spanish Fancians have also joined the Spanish Games.
After 5 days, Loic Minaudier is the leader of the overall, ahead of Jacopo Cerutti and Dani Oliveiras.


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