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Third seasonal Management Council for the FIM Europe

Third seasonal Management Council for the FIM Europe

On 15th December the last seasonal Management Council was held through Zoom Video Communications platform.

The complete Management Council, President, 1st and 2nd Deputy Presidents, Treasurer, Vice-Presidents and Secretary General, the latter supported by the General Secretariat Coordinator and by the Responsible of the Sporting Department, have drawn up this year’s profile so heavily conditioned and afflicted by the COVID-19 emergency.

Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President

In the usual time of the year the meeting of the Management Council took place, like we are used to do it this year by Zoom. The important issues were discussed by the Management Council, necessary points at the end of 2020, a year which we will remember a long time. The preparation of the General Assembly, also remotely, from Geneva was an important item. It is the first time to organize a General Assembly in this way. The Management Council agreed unanimously with this idea. Like the FIM and two other CONUs it is a possibility in the FIM Family Week to inform our federations and to deal with all usual agenda points. The original first idea for this week was totally different, a meeting week for all federations and CONUs. However, the meetings will take place in another way. The FIM Europe congress 2021 with federations and commissions will be held in Belgrade in July, hopefully in that case as physical meeting. All sporting commissions evaluated the past season, the non-sporting commissions will meet in January. Both Council chairmen reported the items and proposals for 2021. The report of the treasurer was more positive than we expected, the financial department has done a great job in order to control the budget”.

Alessandro Sambuco, Secretary General

“In the alternation of the Reports of the individual Members of the Council, what will be outlined at the end of the year will represent the sporting, non-sporting and economic-financial results of 2020. This will be the result of the coordinated efforts of all the components of our Organization. The administrative activity, carried out by the General Secretariat between security protocols to protect the employees and a particular attention to the realization of all possible savings to balance the drastic reduction in revenues, was aimed to obtain a budget result as much as possible close to the 2020 Budget. We will keep the focus on the task until the last minute of the last day of this year in order to reach our challenging goal”.