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The RR Hill Climbing European Championship is back !

aboutuemJoe Genoud, former Swiss rider and great enthusiast of uphill competitions, after the success of last year of the « Joe Genoud Challenge », decided to extend his reach by becoming the promoter of the RR Hill Climbing European Championship.

The agreement was reached with FIM Europe for the next three years with the objective to revive this championship, which saw its last edition in 1975.

This year edition will be divided in 4 rounds:

  • Landshaag (Austria) 13-14th April
  • Imperia (Italy) 15-16th June
  • Châtel-St Denis (Switzerland) 29-30th June
  • Villers-sous-Chalamont (France) 20-21st July

The organisers of the first round in Austria received registrations for more than 200 riders, as a further demonstration of the interest surrounding this initiative.

In front of such an enthusiastic response, Genoud expressed his maximum satisfaction and confirmed all his efforts to give a new live to this, often neglected, discipline.

(UEM Press Release 16/2013)