TAURON SEC 2022 wild card

TAURON SEC 2022 wild card

This year’s TAURON Speedway Euro Championship series will begin with the final round on July 2 in Rybnik and will traditionally consist of four rounds (the only exception to that was the pandemic season of 2020 when five rounds were played).

This time for the tournament, which will be held in Silesia, the organizers decided to invite someone very well known in the local environment. In this way, with number #16 in the first this year’s final of TAURON SEC starts no one else, but Kacper Woryna. The Rybnik center’s graduate represented the local team from the beginning of his career until 2020. Later he changed his surroundings and moved to Wlókniarz Czestochowa, where he starts already the second season.

The rider born on 31 August 1996 has on his account a silver medal in the Individual European Junior Championship, which he won in 2014. The following season he triumphed in the Silver Helmet competition and was second in the final of the Bronze Helmet. At the end of his junior year (2017), he won the bronze medal in the Polish Youth Individual Championships. In the same year he was second in the Ekstraliga Individual International Championship.

Kacper Woryna has also already competed in the finals of the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship. The first time he appeared in the finals of the cycle in 2016, when just in Rybnik he started with a “wild card”. He made six points on his account then and ended the competition on the basic series. It went much better for him two years later, when he appeared on the start list of the 4th Final, which was held at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów. Eventually, he appeared in the final race and he was third on the podium, passing the finish line behind Leon Madsen and Antonio Lindbäck, and before Jaroslaw Hampel. He scored 13 points at the time.

The 2019 season was the best so far performed by this young rider in the TAURON SEC series. He was a regular participant in the series for the first time and accumulated a total of 39 points. He lost the competition for the bronze medal with Leon Madsen only after the extra race, having in it a huge bad luck, in the form of a motorcycle retire. Eventually, he finished fourth and secured himself a place in the next season’s competition. The pandemic season of 2020, in which five finals were held, was for Kacper Woryna the second one in which he competed in the TAURON SEC as a regular participant. At that time he accumulated a total of 33 points and was classified 8th in the final classification.

Last season Woryna was missing from the list of regular participants, and in the current season he failed to advance to the SEC Challenge from the Qualifying Round in Debrecen. However, the organizers of TAURON SEC 2022 decided to invite this rider to the first of the finals, which will take place on his home track. Fans from Rybnik, where he grew up, as well as from Częstochowa, where he starts now, will have not far to admire the rider, who in his career was associated in Poland only with these two centers.

Apart from the one-time “wild card” two names have also been designated for the reserve positions, who will appear on the start list in Rybnik. The first of them is Ukrainian Marko Levishyn, who in the TAURON SEC 2022 cycle is also the fifth permanent reserve. The second rider will be a young pupil of Rybnik club, almost 17-year-old Paweł Trześniewski.

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Riders who will start in the first round of TAURON SEC in Rybnik:

Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark) #155

Leon Madsen (Denmark) #30

Patryk Dudek (Poland) #692

Piotr Pawlicki (Poland) #777

Daniel Bewley (Great Britain) #99

Andzejs Lebedevs (Latvia) #29

Dimitri Berge (France) #96

Rasmus Jensen (Denmark) #67

Bartosz Smektala (Poland) #115

Adam Ellis (United Kingdom) #299

David Bellego (France) #415

Kai Huckenbeck (Germany) #744

Vaclav Milik (Czech Republic) #225

Oliver Berntzon (Sweden) #93

Janusz Kolodziej (Poland) #333

Kacper Woryna (Poland) 16

Marko Levishyn (Ukraine) 17

Pawel Trzesniewski (Poland) 18

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