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Tauron Individual Speedway Euro Championship at Daugavpils (Latvia)

Leon Madsen won the third round of Tauron Speedway Euro Championship 2018, which was held at Daugavpils (Latvia) in front of around 6.000 spectators, in a sunny day. Thanks to a good result, Dane became the new leader of Individual Speedway European Championship.
It was the very first heat, when fans, who gathered at the venue in Daugavpils, had reasons to get excited from. Andzejs Lebedevs – the local favourite, started the meeting with a win. Heat after heat, current Euro Champion got it slightly worse and did not get through to the final heat.
Rivalry in Latvia started great for Madsen, who left Robert Lambert behind his back in his first start of the day. Dane presented some solid racing, which led him to gathering 16 points. After three series of starts, Madsen caught up Hampel in the overall classification and Pole’s lack of presence in the final meant that the new leader was about to make his advantage bigger.
“Four-point advantage is not a lot and everything can happen”, Madsen stated.

Once again, Robert Lambert presented some great racing. The Brit got only one point in his first start, but his next two heats ended with wins. Next starts also brought big numbers, which led him straight to the final heat.
After exclusion in the first heat, Emil Sayfutdinov did not make any mistakes. The Russian rider impressed the crowd with speed and effectiveness of his racing. Even after poor starts, he still was able to catch his rivals on the distance.
Jarosław Hampel had some serious issues in the main series. The pole faced this meeting as the series leader and started the third round with a solid win. The next series, however, were not this good. In the race-off heat, Hampel for the second time in this meeting, got the engine failure.
After the main series, Leon Madsen was on the top and right behind him was Robert Lambert. An interesting fight electrified the crowd in the race-off heat. In heat no.21 Emil Sayfutdinov, Vaclav Milik, Antonio Lindbaeck and Jarosław Hampel were struggling. The Czech and the Russian rider went through to the final heat.
Here a spectacular duel came up when Emil Sayftudinov faced Robert Lambert. The double European Champion was on the top in this rivalry, but it was Leon Madsen to cross the finish line as first.
“It was not an easy meeting. I got many points, but it was hard to do. I’m really satisfied with my performance. I’m one step closer towards gold”, the Dane said.

Ahead of the final round of Tauron Speedway Euro Championship 2018, which will be held in Chorzów, Leon Madsen leads the classification with a four-point advantage over Jarosław Hampel and five-point over Lambert, who is third.
The final round of the Individual Speedway European Championship will be held on 15th September at the Śląski Stadium in Chorzów.
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