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Supersport 300 Cup – Superstock 1000 Cup
 – Women’s European SS 300 Cup

Supersport 300 Cup – Superstock 1000 Cup
 – Women’s European SS 300 Cup

Second round for the Supersport 300 Cup – Superstock 1000 Cup and fourth for the Women’s European SS 300 Cup in Grobnik, Croatia.

In SSP300 race1 split group arrived under the chequered flag to declare victory to poleman Patrycja Sowa ahead of Guido Berselli and Etien Kantar Bozic. In race2 Berselle had fantastic start grabbing the leadership from the beginning until the chequered flag. Second position for Sowa, 7 tents behind, while once again Bozic finished third.

In the STK1000 Renato Novosel won both race1 and race2.

In the Women’s European SS 300 Cup poleman Neila Santos Beatriz took the leadership since the very first corner. Behind her great battle between trio Isis Carreno, Sara Sanchez and Josephine Bruno with enthusiastic overtakes.
Race2 was very exciting with a big group of 8 riders in the first half of the race. Neila Santos and Sara Sanchez escaped from the group, with a great fight for the win. At the end Sanchez recovered Neila Sanchez and overtook her under the chequered flag.

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