Road Racing

Supermono European Cup final at Frohburg Dreieck (Germany)

The sun was shining through the clouds and it was a bit chilly on Friday morning. From the start of the first qualifying, the riders were fast. Lukas Wimmer from Austria was the fastest rider both in qualification 1 and 2 and took the pole position almost a second ahead of his fellow countryman Josef Frauenschuh; third place for Jerry van de Bunt from the Netherlands.
Race 1 – The weather had changed from qualifying sessions and the track was wet. At the start of the race Josef Frauenschuh from Austria took the lead and build up a gap ahead of his countryman Lukas Wimmer. But only a few laps from the end of the race, Josef couldn’t keep his bike on the track at the last corner, and he lost 3 places. Lukas Wimmer was in the lead, and he kept that position until the end of the race. Second position for was Jerry van de Bunt from the Netherlands; third, just ahead of Josef Frauenschuh, was Mike Velthuijzen also from the Netherlands.

Race 2 – Both Lukas Wimmer and Josef Frauenschuh had already claimed first and second place in the series. But Jerry van de Bunt had to make a good result to claim the bronze medal. In the standings he was 14 points ahead of Johann Karl from Germany and 19 points ahead of Mike Wejhuijzen from the Netherlands. The plan was just to keep them behind.
The track was now dry and Lukas Wimmer set the pace. He took the lead and was quicker than all the other riders. Jerry van de Bunt did what he had to: he kept the second place for almost the whole race. But towards the end of the race he did a mistake and couldn’t continue. Lukas took the win before a guest rider; Shaun Anderson from England. Third position for Emiliano Lazzarini from Italy. The mistake made Jerry van de Bunt lose the bronze medal in the Cup, which went to Mike Velthuijzen.
The rookies of the year were Dennis Bayreuter from Germany, ahead of his compatriot Lukas Frey and of Max Winklinger from Austria.

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