Snowcross European Championship: Gustav Salomonsson triumphed and clinched the title

Snowcross European Championship:
Gustav Salomonsson triumphed and clinched the title

The Snowcross European Championship displayed an amazing show for all the large crowd present in Kirkenes, Norway, together with the FIM Snowcross World Championship and FIM Women’s Snowcross World Cup.

In the town, far away behind the arctic circle, polar day has just begun and riders could enjoy light 24 hour a day. The Kirkenes Motorklubb hosted the event celebrating its 20th anniversary and sunshine and freezing temperature kept the 650-meter-long snow track in perfect conditions. Kirkenes was an amazing place for the series, as Snowmobiles are really important for the region as they are one of the prime vehicle choices to move around the region by locals. The city is also well known for its Snowhotel, which is the only ice hotel opened all year.

The perfect conditions were reunited to offer an amazing and special show with number of spectators coming to enjoy this amazing sport. The day started with a remarkable Opening Ceremony which included a song performed by Famous Norwegian singer Kevin Boine and a speech of the Norwegian Minister of Transport, Jon Ivar Nygard. The ceremony was followed by the spectacular freestyle snowcross show with Rasmus Johanson putting on an incredible demonstration.

17 riders fought for the European title.

With a confidently and perfect 1-1 and a spectacular performance, Swedish rider Gustav Salomonsson won the European title ruling both the heats. Double second position for Emil Mikalsen, from Norway, followed by Jan Even Romsdal in third.

Top three

  1. Gustav Salomonsson (50 points)
    2. Emil Mikalsen (44 points)
    3. Jan Even Romsdal (36 points)

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