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Second session of Sporting Commissions Meetings in Fiumicino, Italy

Second session of Sporting Commissions Meetings in Fiumicino, Italy

Second face-to-face meetings session for the FIM Europe Sporting Commissions.
After the first meeting on Saturday 23rd October for the Enduro & Rally, Trial, Road Racing and Drag Racing Commissions, yesterday took place the second meeting day with the Motocross & Snowcross, Track Racing, Supermoto, Vintage and Motoball Commissions. Once again, almost all commission members were presents and just a pair could not join directly the meeting because of travelling restrictions.
The summits were also attended by the FIM Europe President Mr Martin de Graaff, the 1st Deputy President Mr Michal Sikora, the Secretary General Mr Alessandro Sambuco and Paola Bianchetti and Silvia D’Amico, responsible for sport matters in the office.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President

“Yesterday five Sporting Commissions were together in Fiumicino for the autumn meetings. The day before the chairmen of the commissions have met in the FIM Europe office in order to prepare the meetings. We noticed that many of our volunteers were happy to meet again: the attendance was great and just a few members were connected by zoom. In some commissions we saw the difficulty to start up the competitions again: for example, during 2020 and 2021 it was not possible to organize some events for the Motoball European Championship. In other disciplines we can be happy with the great job of the promoters. Evaluating the last season and preparing the new one, including the calendars, were the main items. In will all depend on the developments in the coming period. One of our important partners, MyLaps, presented for the Motocross and Supermoto Commissions the newest developments in time keeping systems and the connected future possibilities in safety for riders. In January it will be the time for the Non-Sporting Commissions”.

Mr Michal Sikora, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President
“We are after second session of the Sporting Commissions meetings. Some of them were present on spot in Fiumicino almost in 100% and some unfortunately not. But it was important to meet and to discuss about last season and changes for the future. It was a big pleasure to meet our colleagues in person”.

Motocross & Snowcross Commission
The commission discussed the season, happy to meet again after a tough period. It had a very good meeting which included a presentation from MyLaps Sport Timing regarding the development of timing, GPS and many other types of information which can be obtained from the motorcycles using the most advanced and modern equipment. There were no rule changes for 2022, except for EMX2T which will be a one-off event but still combined with a MXGP event. 2022 calendars will be soon announced.

Mr Eddie Herd, Chairman Motocross & Snowcross Commission
“The Motocross & Snowcross Commission finally met face-to-face: all members were happy to be in Fiumicino and discuss as in the past. Thank you to MyLaps for the presentation about the new timing development. We all would like to thank you our promoter Infront Sport Racing for the excellent work in securing a full calendar of events during these difficult times. The 2022 calendar cannot be released yet because they have still to be finalized by promoters, Infront and also APO Multimedia for EMX Quads”.

Track Racing Commission
After two years the commission had the chance to meet in person and summarized the 2021 season during which most of the meetings took place except the Individual Grass Track and Sidecar Championships. SEC Finals, new Individual U19 Speedway Championship and U23 Team Speedway Championship as well as all the Youth competitions went well and a new competition (250cc Pairs Speedway Cup) was proposed to be organized in 2022 thanks to the support of Federations.

Mr Piotr Szymański, Chairman Track Racing Commission
“The President and the 1st Deputy President joined our meeting and we are very thankful for their support in elevating the 250cc Cup to European Championship. Everyone present in Fumicino and members who participated by Zoom hope that season 2022 will be almost normal as the calendar is developing and new competitions will come. Thanks to the dedication of Commission Members: I’m sure that we will achieve the targets which have been set up today”.

Supermoto Commission
2022 season will see three major changes: the cancellation of the S2 Championship, the new S4 Onroad series which will gain the status of a championship and the establishment of the new S4 Junior Onroad Championship in order to meet the needs of the new generation of Supermoto riders.

Mr Ivo Tsvetanov, Chairman Supermoto Commission
“The revival of the autumn meetings tradition by FIM Europe is a very positive sign for the normalizing of the sport in Europe, especially after an uncertain season like the one behind us. During the meeting, we had a serious discussion regarding what can be done by us and the Promoter XIEM in order to improve the situation in the discipline and to raise the interest of riders and teams. There are many tendencies regarding the Supermoto in Europe and we must act accordingly in order not to lose our chances to make Supermoto great again”.

Vintage Commission
Part in person and part by Zoom, the Vintage Commission had the chance to discuss about the current season, which ended with good results even if the pandemic difficulties. Many Vintage disciplines have at least one race with exception of the Vintage Road Racing. 2022 rules and the provisional calendar have been put together.

Mr Igor Bošković, Chairman Vintage Commission
“We had a very productive and efficient meeting, although for some of us still in a virtual way. We introduce a new class in the Vintage Enduro Championship and agreed of some details in other disciplines. The problem with ATA carnet affected our riders from UK on the top of travel restrictions in the Europe. We all looking forward to a virus-less season”.

Motoball Commission
After two years without any European Motoball Event, the Commission were happy to plan the 2022 European Championship for Juniors and Seniors in Vidnoe, Russia. The Commission started to prepare check lists for the organizers, teams, homologation and technical inspection.

Mrs Pascale Rescho, Chairman Motoball Commission
“I was very happy to meet some members face to face and some by video call. We are looking forward to organize yearly events in coming years again. The organizing nations are investing heavily into the infrastructure and the stadiums to host this major events on a professional level”.