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Second session of FIM Europe Sporting Commissions’ Meetings

Second session of FIM Europe Sporting Commissions’ Meetings

After the first session at the end of October, the second session of the FIM Europe Sporting Commissions’ meetings took place yesterday, November 12th, in Fiumicino (Rome) at the presence of the FIM Europe President Michal Sikora, the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco, the 1st Deputy President Manuel Marinheiro and Paola Bianchetti and Silvia D’Amico, responsible for sport matters in the office.

Michal Sikora, FIM Europe President
“We have finished second session of Sporting Commissions meetings. This time almost 100% of members were present on spot and being face to face allowed to have good discussions and exchange of experiences and knowledge. Commissions were announcing that will present some changes to regulations and working strongly on 2023 calendar. I’m personally really happy that in such hard international situation, Motoball Commission is strongly preparing competitions for next year”.


Manuel Marinheiro, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President
“Autumn Sporting Commissions’ meetings finished with E-Bike, Motoball, Motocross & Snowcross, Road Racing, Supermoto, Track Racing and Vintage. Productive meetings to decide the present and the future of this disciplines and to motivate all the commissions members to continue their important work for our sport”.

Motocross & Snowcross Commission
The commission had a good meeting. The main topic was the 2023 calendars, with a focus on the ones of the EMX65 and EMX85, discussing also about the zones. New documents have been produced as supplementary regulations.

Andrea Barbieri, Chairman Motocross & Snowcross Commission
“Great time today: that was my first meeting as Chairman of the commission. We had special guests as Antonio Alia Portela, CMS Director, Hans Martin Fetzer, Infront Representative, and Martin Vena, Quadcross European Championship promoter. The Management Council approved my proposal for the two vice-presidents”.

Road Racing Commission
The Commission took stock of the season approving 2022 results and had the chance to discuss about the new 2023 season. The meeting was really profitable as members went through a big agenda with many proposals for the Management Council.

Martin Hejduk, Chairman Road Racing Commission
“It was a long day in which we matched lots of point in order to improve our championships and cups. Very important are the events together with FIM and Dorna, as well as the new Women’s European Championship from next year. Mini Road Racing will race one event in Italy in 2023 and one event in Slovakia in 2024. A lot of work will be ahead of the working groups to harmonize rules for the new season in front of new technical conditions and security procedure”.

Track Racing Commission
The Commission had the chance to discuss the upcoming season 2023. Some minor rules changes had been on the agenda as well as the calendar for next season. One of the proposals to the Management Council is to change the 250cc Speedway Cup to 250cc Speedway European Championship. The draft of the Allocations had been proposed to the Commission by the 4 Working groups and will be distributed soon together with the final version of the 2023 calendar.

Piotr Szymański, Chairman Track Racing Commission
“During the meeting we focused specially on the track safety, some improvements were discussed and will be implemented in harmonisation with the FIM-CCP Commission next season. The communication within the commission was improved and there are regular meetings of the working groups as well as the whole commission in between official FIME meetings. This helps to work more effective during the season and react within shorter time on upcoming topics”.

Supermoto Commission
The commission meeting included a systematic analysis of the season 2022 and preparation for the upcoming season in regards of regulations and calendar. The main points of focus for 2023 will be the development of the Supermoto Junior class in order to create a solid base future Supermoto riders.

Ivo Tsvetanov, Chairman Supermoto Commission
“We had the chance to take the stock of the season and prepared the basis for the next one. In 2023 we want to develop the Supermoto Junior class in order to create new riders and expanding the coverage of the championship around more European venues, countries and organizers. It was a very important meeting which will outline the future activities of the commission”.

E-bike Commission
First meeting ever for the E-bike Commission. This is a new discipline that will certainly be developed in the future.

Gianluca Avenoso, Chairman E-bike Commission
“The Commission met for the first time and many topics were argued in order to promote the growth of this new discipline which has enormous potential. 2023 will be a crucial year for the championship to grow and new formulas have been studied to make the events more and more attractive for riders and spectators”.

Motoball Commission
Due to the war in Russia and Ukraine the 2022 European Championship for Juniors and Seniors originally scheduled in Vidnoe, Russia, has been cancelled. For the third year in a row Motoball had no events. Therefore, the Commission has decided to propose a new event called European Motoball Champions Cup (EMCC) with three competitions in three different countries.

Pascale Rescho, Chairman Motoball Commission
“Good time for the commission, that had the chance to meet in person. We decided to create a new event called European Motoball Champions Cup (EMCC): it will be a similar format like the UEFA Champions League, where Champions of each Nation compete. In 2023 three events will be scheduled for the Seniors, while the Junior National Teams will determine their winner in the 2023 European Championship”.

Vintage Commission
The Vintage Commission had the chance to discuss about season 2021 and planned the next 2022.

Josè Campos Costa, Chairman Vintage Commission
“We had a very good meeting, with only one member excused. We discussed the situation of the vintage sport, as we see it in the future. Our goal is to create the best conditions at the most important circuits to attract the biggest number of riders possible. Vintage sport is racing, but also a possibility for the riders to have fun and meet with friends that have the same hobby. If we have a good number of riders we will get the interest of the best organizers, which is our important task”.