Second day of the Enduro European Championship in Ourem-Fatima (Portugal)

aboutuemThree new Enduro Champions were crowned on the second day of the Enduro European Championship finals in Ourem / Portugal. The track was made even more difficult by the nightly rains, so same passages has to been bypassed again. But the drivers where happy, that the distance of four had been shortened to the laps at least.

In the Juniors-E2/E3-class the local hero Diego Ventura won the championship title with a second place behind the Swedish rider Tommy Sjoström. After Ventura already destroyed a radiator on the stage, his team slowed him down and let him drive safely.

Not so safely continued the Italian Gianluca Martini: nevertheles, the Beta-Pilot finished the day in second place behind his countryman Mirko Gritti. This was not only the result in the E3-class, which made Martini an European Champion, it was also the result in the “Overall”! Both riders had led the field through the day.

The third title went to veteran Werner Müller from Austria: with a victory in his class he saved his seventh (!) European title. At least he was lucky again, because in the stones he received a crack in the clutch-cover and he lost oil. At the service he was able to fix it with glue, like at the first day!

Still, the decision is open in most classes, even in the “Overall”: leading Maurizio Micheluz from Italy won his E1-class, but overall was only fifth, which closes the gap a little bit.

A similar situation in the E2-class, where Tom Sagar took third place behind the Frenchman Romain Dumontier and Sagas English compatriot Jamie Lewis. But still he was ahed of his rival Andrea Beconi and still on the way to the title: “I was not fast enough in the motocross-test today – my own fault.”

All results, standings and photos also on the Championship website:

(FIM Europe Press Release 157/2013)