Road Racing

Road Racing Seminar in Sweden

The SVEMO (Swedish Motorcycling Federation) organises a Road Racing Seminar, which will take place in Gothenburg (Sweden) from 31st of March to 1st of April 2012. The seminar will be divided in two different parts: one for getting a UEM official licence as Clerk of the Course and Sporting Steward (on the 31st of March) and the other as Technical Steward (on the 1st of April).

The participants who will pass successfully the exam will get a UEM official’s licence, valid for three years. The cost of licence is Euro 65 (for Clerk of the Course and/or Sporting Steward) and Euro 65 (for Technical Steward). The licence cost is not included in the entry fee. The cost of licence(s) will be invoiced to the National Federation of the participant and after having received the licence(s) the participant will refund his own FMN.

Please download here the following docs:

Seminar Announcement – Technical Steward

Seminar Announcement – Clerk of the Course

Seminar Announcement – Information about entries