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Road Race Hill Climb European Championship at Landshaag (Austria)

The first round of European Hill Climb Championship was held at the traditional location at Landshaag, in Austria. Mr. Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President, visited the event. Besides the high level of organisation and nice number of spectators – around 15.000 – all the practices and heats were completed in optimal dry, sunny conditions without any crashes.
In the practices the fastest rider in FIM Europe classes were: in 250cc Guido Testoni (FMI), in Supersport: Rafael Neuner (AMF), in Superbike: Wolfgang Gammer (AMF), in Supermono Open: Josef Frauenschuh (AMF).


The winners of the races on Sunday are: in 250cc Guido Testoni from Italy; in Supersport Rafael Neuner from Austria; in Superbike Wolfgang Gammer from Austria; in Supermono Open Josef Frauenschuh from Austria. Considering also the Swiss and Austrian National Championships, the number of riders was 303. This shows the incredible high interest of the riders as well as of the spectators who visited the event, which was held in a summer-like weather. The next event will be held at Spoleto, in Italy, at the end of May.
Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President, attended both the practice and race day. “It was a tremendous good weekend with beautiful races, many participants and a great number of spectators and a blue sky”, stated Martin de Graaf. This yearly returning event was organised in a perfect way, the officials of the clubs, the Federation and the FIM Europe jury cooperated very well.
“From the beginning of the event until the prize giving ceremony the atmosphere was great, also among the riders and the fans”, concluded Mr. de Graaff.
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