Results of the 1st round of NWE 65/85cc EMX

The first round of the North West Europe EMX 65 and 85 cc Motocross European Championship was held today in the Danish track of Sonderborg.

In the EMX 65 class the victory of the first race went to the Dutch rider Raf Meuwissen (KTM), followed by Danish Bastian Boegh Damm (KTM). In the second round the victory went to Swedish rider Filip Olsson (KTM) followed by Swedish Arwid Makinen (KTM).

In the EMX 85 class, victory by Dutch Davy Pootjes (KTM) in the first heat with second position by Belgian Cyril Genot (KTM). In the second heat the winner was German Tilo Wittlermaumer (KTM), followed by Dutch Bas Vaessen (KTM).

Leaders of the provisional rankings are Filip Olsson in the EMX 65 class and Tilo Wittlerbaumer in the EMX 85 class.

Next round of the Nort West Europe EMX 65 and 85 cc EC is scheduled on the 13th of May in Culitzsch (Germany).

(UEM Press Release 10/2012)