Results from the 2nd round of SE EMX 65cc & 85cc

The second round of the South-Eastern EMX 65 and 85cc Motocross European Championship was held in Zarnesti (Romania). The track conditions were very difficult because of sunny and windy weather. The organizers made a great work to made the races possible and the weekend finished without any serious accident.

In the EMX 65 Class victory of Croatian Nikola Hranic (KTM) in both heats. In the first heat, second position went to Moldavian Igor Cuharciuc (KTM) and third to Bulgarian Momchil Ivanov (KTM). In the second heat the second position went to Cuharciuc and third to Moldavian Nicolar Timus (KTM).

In the EMX 85 class the winner of both heat was Bulgarian Michael Ivanov (KTM). In the first heat he preceded Bulgarian Ivan Petrov (KTM) and Croatian Luka Crnkovic (KTM), in the second heat the Croatian Matija Kelava (KTM) and Petrov.

After the second round of the European Motocross Championship in the South-Eastern Zone Igor Cuharciuc is topping the 65cc ranks with 94 points, while in the 85 cc standings Michael Ivanov is first with 90 points.

Next round is scheduled on the 13th of May in Troyan (Bulgaria).

(UEM Press Release 30/2012)