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New Case Studies on Road Safety in the new Public Affairs page of FIM Europe website

aboutuemFIM Europe website has now a new Public Affairs section dedicated the lastest information on European regulation on Road Safety and other issues related to motorcycling.

The page has been now updated with a series of case studies on motorcycling to be downloaded:

– Study case made by Swedish Transport Administration: “Increased safety for motorcycle and moped riders.” Click here

– Study case made by Ministère de l’Ecologie, du Developpement durable et de l’Energie: “Enquete de 2012 sur l’utilisation des deux – roues motorisés Public Affair. Click here

– Study case made by CSIAM (Chambre Syndacale Internationale de L’Automobile et du Motocycle ): “Changeons de regard sur le motards. L’image des utilisateurs de 2/3 des roues motorisés” Public Affair. Click here

– Study case made by GEMA Prévention Assureurs Mutualistes: ” Portrait du conducteur de 2 roues d’aujourd’hui”. Click here

More updates on the Public Affairs page coming soon!!