Keity Meier to set a new world record!

FIM Europe Trial Commission member Keity Meier performing a jump
on top of the highest twin towers of Estonia

On Sunday, October 10th, trials rider Keity Meier, new member of the FIM Europe Trial Commission and EMF’s Women commission, showed the world that one should dream big, the 26-year old rider made a jump between the twin towers of the 30 stories high Swissotel in Estonia seem extremely easy. The two rooftops are at the height of 117 m (383ft), situated 11 m away and the fortunate spectacle aimed for a one of a kind world record. By overcoming her fear of heights, the athlete encouraged everyone to grab life by the horns and fulfil their dreams.

Keity Meier is convinced that this unprecedented challenge will help to shift her border to be a serious competitor in the Trial World Championship in 2022 and to aim for the podium.

“This accomplishment helped me to achieve a completely new mental level. I was very calm while concentrating  on the stunt and just did it like I had practised in the woods many times before. I did experience the loss of motion perception, but had everything under Control from the beginning until the fortunate end”.

According to Meier, no one has jumped on the motorbike on such high rooftops before.

“The previous record stands from the year 1989, when the jump took place in Las Vegas from the rooftop of a building 16 stories high. People who ride trials bikes don’t usually do stunts, but climb over stones, stumps and roots in the woods to solve challenges posed by driving technique etc. Figuratively speaking, trials riding is like mountain climbing on a bike. As on a rooftop there is not much space for the take-off, the hasty trial bike seems to be the only choice for such a stunt. Though for long air-jumps they normally use dirt bikes. Basically, what I am trying to do there is skydiving with the equipment of a mountaineer instead of a parachute. I am extremely grateful to Swissotel, that they have found the courage and playfulness to come along with our idea and also to Salva Insurance Company, for assisting our technical team with all the risk assessment.”

The athlete had only one try in order to perform the stunt.

”I prepared for this all summer long by practicing on a ramp we built in the forest  until I was convinced that I am technically as well as physically but foremost mentally ready to perform a jump at the height of 117 meters(383ft).”

Keity Meier hopes that new challenges – be they technical, mental or substantive – will help all young sportsmen understand that there are no limits neither in their personal development nor in the development of their field of sports.

“The local motorsports scene in Estonia represents currently very specific areas. Trial community is small, but persistent and it is important that young committed people find their way to this sport and carry on the tradition of motorsports in general.”

Keity Meier is convinced that the upcoming challenge will help to shift her border to be a serious competitor in the Trial World Championship in 2022 and to aim for the podium.

1.       Keity Meier is a 26-year-old motorcyclist from Estonia, Tapa (a town with a population of 5000 people), who has been repeatedly awarded the title of the best female motorcyclist of the country as well as the best trial rider by the Estonian Motor Sports federation.
2.       In 2017 she achieved the sixth place in European Championships.
3.       She has demonstrated her stuntwoman skills as a member of the Marvel Universe Live Show on various stages around the world for example in Paris on an arena in front of 12 000 spectators.
4.       Keity is passing on her skills as a coach for Estonian young aspiring trial riders.
5.       In 2021, Keity was asked to be a member of the international trial committee FIM.
6.       Keity, as the metaphor of courage, has ridden over the arch of Tartu songfestival grounds, supported by female choir of 50 people who sang a specially written choir piece, by Rein Rannap who’s repertoire is part of Estonian Song Festival tradition, which is dedicated to the Singing Revolution. Arch of songfestival grounds itself is the symbol of the Singing Revolution, which played a huge role for Baltic countries being liberated from the Soviet Union.
7.       Keity is planning to achieve a podium place in the trial world championships in 2022 and also entertain her fans with several ambitious stunts.

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