Junior, S3, Open Supermoto EC in Vransko

aboutuemThe sunny circuit in Vransko (Slovenia) welcomed the third round of European Supermoto Championship classes SM Junior, S3 and OPEN with a newly built offroad section.

In class SM Junior, the current leader in the championship Harun Cabuk (Honda) from Turkey had a hard battle with the new star from Austria, Kim Adlhart (KTM). Major part of this battle was the Bulgarian rider Hakan Halmi (KTM). Finally the podium was built by Halmi – third place with 42 points, Adlhart second with 45 points and Cabuk as winner with 47 points. After Vransko, Cabuk continues to lead the championship with 141 points, followed by Halmi with 130 points, third remains Pak with 109.

In class S3, the Austrian rider Andreas Buschberger (KTM) had no difficulties in winning both heats, as well as the Turkish rider Mehmet Celik (KTM) to finish two times on the second place. However, the third place was occupied by Aydin Nazlican (KTM) after a big battle with Uzay Bengic. Celik leads the championship with 20 points ahead of Bulgarian Borislav Stoimenov who was not able to achieve a podium in Slovenia with 2 fifth places.

In the OPEN class, the local star from Slovenia Uros Nastran (Suzuki) had an epic fight for the highest place on the podium with the Bulgarian rider Angel Karanyotov (Honda). Both riders won per one heat, but finally the podium was composed by Nastran as a winner, Rok Mihecic (Honda) from Slovenia as second and Karanyotov as third. One event before the final of the series, Karanyotov is the new leader in the OPEN class.

The next and final event for 2012 is scheduled for Turkey, Sakarya on the 16 September.

(UEM Press Release 144/2012)